Sage CRM – For your whole organization:

Sage CRM – For your sales team.  Manage your customer order histories, open orders, quotes, opportunities, customer contacts, prospects, leads, pipelines, quotas, sales teams, sales managers, sales people, all like never before with Sage CRM and Sage Software’s bi-directional integration between Sage CRM and Sage 300 ERP for complete transparency between your sales and financial databases.

Sage CRM – For your customer service team.  Keep your customers happy and manage customer cases, tracking known solutions, service agreements, and automatic escalations to make sure nothing is left unattended too long.

Sage CRM – For your marketing team.  Produce, manage, and distribute electronic newsletters, catalogs, price lists, promotions, and all of your other marketing information all in one place.  Track who has been reading your marketing pieces and what they have found most interesting.

Sage CRM – For your mobile team.  Take Sage CRM with you anywhere with Sage CRM mobile apps and be connected to all of your key sales, customer, and marketing data.

Sage CRM – For Social Media!  Collaborate with your customers like never before with Sage CRM integrations to Twitter, LinkedIn, and links to Facebook pages.

Sage CRM – For your whole organization.   Ask one of our CRM specialists for a demonstration today and see how Sage CRM can transform your whole organization!

Sage CRM Whitepapers and Brochures

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